Process for Becoming a Foster or Adoptive Parent in Illinois

All foster or adoptive parents in Illinois are licensed. Learn about the process for foster care and adoption in Illinois.

The Process

Interviews with Licensing Representatives

  • Interviews by Licensing Representatives with all members of the household of a prospective foster family. These interviews allow a prospective family to learn more about foster care & what to expect as foster parents. Interviews will generally take place in the foster home. During these visits, the Licensing Representative will examine the foster home to make sure that all Licensing Standards are met.

Three References

  • At least three references who are not related to the prospective foster family members will be contacted by Licensing Representatives.

Background Checks

  • Licensing Representatives will conduct background checks to determine if household members have criminal convictions or have been perpetrators of child neglect/abuse.

Medical Reports

  • All members of the household will be asked to submit a medical report signed by a physician to confirm that they are free of communicable disease or physical/ mental conditions which would affect the family’s ability to provide care. Licensing Representatives will provide the necessary forms to the prospective foster family later in the licensing process.

Foster Parent Training

  • Prospective foster parents are required to attend PRIDE pre-service Foster Parent Training. The purpose of PRIDE is to thoroughly prepare foster parents for their new responsibilities as members
    of a caring team.